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Character Analysis




Village: Hidden Sand


Gaara has lived a troubled life. He is feared by his
whole village because of his abilities and how he a
partial demon. Before he was even born his father
wanted to make the most of his youngest son and let
the demon Shukaku take over Gaara body. His own mother
was kille and Gaara was place under care of his aunt
an elite ninja in the village. After determining that
Gaara was a danger to the village. He then sent
assaisans after his own son. One of which was the aunt
he loved so much. After this event gaara engraved the
mark you see on his head onto his head. After much
denial about why he was born into this world only to
have it stripped away, he decided that his new purpose
in life was to kill people.

Not very tall,red hair,japenese engraving on
forehead,and a large gourd of sand on his back.

Gaara does use jutsu's as much as the others. His main
weapon is the large sand gourd on his back.When he was
born his mother's soul and chakra where used to pack
the sand into the gourd. He also,calls this gourd
mother. This sand is frankly amazing, it protects him
from harm and can also be controled by him. his two
main attacks are desert coffin and desert funeral
Desert Coffin: this atack is used in a couple ways but
either way your most likely going to die. A.) he will
encase you you in it and it is airtight so you
suffocate. B.) it is used as the pre-attack for desert

Desert Funeral: this is Gaara's merciful attack(or as
merciful as it can get) he uses the desret coffin to
incase your entire body or a limb and he has the sand
squeeze you, thus crushing you or your limb. He
considers this merciful because if he incases you
completely and crushes you there is no pain at
all,because it is done instantaneously.

in my opinion he is downright scary. Not someone that
you dont want to run into on a dark alley. He is
abrasive and unstable. He feels that he has to kill to
find a way in life.
Life changing experiences?:
When he meets Sasuke Uchiha and fight with him. Of
course he does'nt want to become friends, he really
wants to kill Sasuke.And When he fight with Naruto and
finds out that he is not the only person who has
experienced the pain that he has. And After this he
kind of respect Naruto.

Currently in the story of Naruto:
after a 2 year break in the story he is kaze-kage head
nija of the village hidden in the sand. But during a
fight with an opponent he is captured and taken away
after spending the last of his energy protecting the
village.(I don't think that he is dead at least i hope
not im actually starting to like him)

Written By: kakumei