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Character Analysis

Uchiha Itachi


Itachi of the Uchiha clan was a genius among geniuses. He
graduated from the Ninja Academy at age 6, was able to use
his Sharingan at age 8, and became a Chuunin at the age of
9. He quickly moved on to join the ANBU, the elite order-
preserving division under the Hokage's command, and became
leader of the ANBU at age 14. As the son of the Uchiha clan
leader, Itachi seemed destined to bring greatness to the
Uchiha Clan. Or so everyone believed.

Isolation from being so skillful and stress from carrying
out so many ANBU missions at such a young age began to wear
on Itachi, and he soon came to resent the responsibilities
that were forced upon him as the heir to the leading house
of the Uchiha. Itachi became dark and brooding, and soon
came to value his own abilities above the status of the
clan, such that the clan became a hindrance to his
development. Around this time, Itachi learned of the secret
true power of the Sharingan; if one who possessed the
Sharingan killed his closest friend, then he would gain the
ability to use the Makengyo Sharingan (Kaleidoscope Wheel
Eye) and the powerful abilities it granted. Deciding to
further himself at the cost of the clan, Itachi killed his
cousin and best friend Shisui, setting it up to look as
though Shisui had committed suicide.

Yet, despite his dark path and ambition, Itachi pretended to
be the hardworking progity that everyone expected him to be,
because he thought there was another in the Uchiha clan like
himself: his younger brother, Sasuke. Even as he grew to
resent the responsibilities the Uchiha clan laid on his
shoulders, Itachi continued to play the part of the caring,
protective older brother that Sasuke wanted of him. Yet, he
would tease Sasuke and make excuses to avoid spending time
with him, such that Sasuke would become jealous of his
abilities. Sasuke also envied him for the lavish attention
their father gave his eldest son while ignoring the younger.
Finally, in the garden on a moonlit night, Sasuke admitted
that although he admired his brother's greatness, he had
come to hate him. Itachi took this as proof that Sasuke
could also be driven to follow the same dark path as
himself, and decided he had no need to wait any longer.

While Sasuke was away, Itachi took the opportunity to
finally act upon his long-repressed resentments. Again
choosing to value his own abilities above the lives of his
family, Itachi slaughtered the entire clan to test his own
power. Although they were regarded as the noble genius clan
of Konoha, the Uchiha found themselves helpless against the
prodigal shinobi. When Sasuke returned to find what his
brother had done, Itachi told him that if he wanted revenge,
Sasuke would have to lead a dark, despicable life, and gain
the Makengyo Sharingan as well. Thus, Itachi left only his
brother alive as part of his plan to strengthen himself in
the future with a duel against another Makengyo Sharingan

With his clan's blood on his hands, Itachi left the village
of Konoha forever and joined the group of elite missing-
nins, the Akatsuki, to seek power. He has recently begun
searching the Shinobi countries in the company of ??? Kisame
under Akatsuki's orders. Their goal: to capture Uzumaki
Naruto and the Kyuubi he carries. What is the Akatsuki's
plans for Naruto? Will Sasuke take revenge on his traitorous
elder brother? Only time will tell.

As the strongest ninja Konoha has seen since the Yondaime,
Itachi wields jutsu of many elements. He is a true heir of
Sharingan, and can use his eye to cast a limitless genjutsu
by merely looking his opponent in the eye. His ultimate
strength comes through the use of Makengyo Sharingan,
through which he can use Tsukiyomi (Goddess of the Moon), a
genjutsu that causes a victim to experience any illusionary
situation of Itachi's choosing for 72 hours as only one
second passes in the real world, and Amaterasu (God of the
Sun), a mysterious fiery jutsu of untold power.

Written By: 8th-Shichinintai