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  • Fluffy Fox [::Fluff Puff Naruto::]
      • This has just about any type of naruto graphic's that you need for neopets.
  • Konohacity
      • The City Where All Ninjas Gather
  • Naruto Download
      • Media download center for naruto anime & manga.
  • Naruto Official Site (In Japanese)
      • Contains basic naruto anime info, all contents in Japanese.
  • Naruto University of Education
      • This has nothing to do with the anime Naruto, it's a Japanese university home page. But isn't it funny that Naruto has a university that has the same name as him?! (^_^, wanna attend Naruto University, wooohoo! Learn Sexy no Jutsu!)
  • Naruto-Club
      • This is your new source for media !, We have both in realmedia and avi media up , and music / clips and much more , Checkout the site for more features
  • NarutoFever
      • Your largest alternative Naruto Fansite. Flash games, personality tests, wallpapers, fan-art and direct anime downloads availiable here.
  • NarutoFOB.com
      • The best of Naruto anyone's got to offer. Direct download to full episodes, manga, original sound track and much more. All for free!
  • NarutoForum
      • A forum dedicated to Naruto and it's fans
  • Sharingan Network
      • A photo gallery dedicated to Kakashi Hatake
  • Toriyama World
      • The fan sub group who used to translate the Naruto Manga, but now Viz took over, they are currently subbing the anime. Toriyama World has done a great job on the fansubs, please visit them!
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