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Character Analysis

Uzumaki Naruto


The hero of the story, Uzumaki Naruto!! He is the Hidden Leaf's Number
One Loudest Ninja, which is a title he more than lives up to. He
breaks the rules, he has to be the centre of attention, his
intelligence sinks below every other ninja, he is untalented in
comparison with his fellow Academy students, he is outspoken and
egotistical but most importantly: He has a Ninja spirit that never
gives up! Naruto might be the bottom of his classes and might not be a
genius of Ninjutsu but he is honest in everything he does, which is a
quality every ninja should have. Being our hero, he has a unique
ability that singles him out from any other character and, for once,
it's not due to an Advanced Bloodline. Sealed within Naruto is a
Nine-Tailed Demon Fox that attacked and almost destroyed the Hidden
Leaf Village. This immeasurable power was preserved inside of a
newborn babies body so that it couldn't return to demolish the Village
again. That baby was Naruto. So, being the person to have sacrificed
his body and future to save the village, you'd expect Naruto to be a
hero and martyr in the eyes of the villagers. This, however, couldn't
be farther from the truth.

As a child, Naruto was neglected and was only acknowledged as a
monster and a demon boy who shouldn't be alive, let alone a Shinobi.
He grew up without any parents, without the love of another person. In
fact, Naruto has been entirely alone his entire life. So, it's no
wonder he is always reaching out for people's attention. This explains
why he played the clown of the class in the Ninja academy. He always
wanted someone to be looking at him, to acknowledge he existed, even
at the expense of his reputation and education. In the short term it
worked, all the children laughed at him and exclaimed what a funny guy
he was, but it still didn't make him feel wanted by anyone. The
children's parents would still grimace in his direction and talk about
him behind his back, which ultimately put him back where he started.
From his dejection, Naruto grew up to have a dream that he would
devote his life to, no matter what happened. That dream was to be the
Hidden Leaf Villages Hokage and have everyone acknowledge Naruto as
the Villages best and strongest Ninja. A very difficult dream to
accomplish, especially when he had nobody to support his ambition or
to help him believe he could be anything he wanted. Until, he found
that in his sensei, Iruka.

Iruka had a very similar childhood to Naruto and he understands the
shadow of pain Naruto lives under. Iruka treated Naruto to ramen, he
paid extra attention to Naruto outside of the academy, and, to ensure
sure he would grow up into someone respectable, he disciplined Naruto
sternly in the ninja academy. In Iruka, Naruto found a precious person
who he would fight for. That was the type of person Naruto had never
had before. Still, as time passed, Naruto found two more people who he
would fight beside and die with. His rival, Uchiha Sasuke and his love
interest, Haruno Sakura. These are the two people who mean the most to
Naruto from very different reasons.

Sakura is a girl who Naruto has a soft spot for. It's not clear why he
really likes her, but it's probably because she is cute and smartest
rookie of Naruto's group. He's never actually admitted he loves her
either, instead he does a much better job of annoying her and making
him seem even more worthless by acting like an idiot that he's so used
to doing. The other person who Naruto is connected with is Uchiha
Sasuke, the last member of the Uchiha clan and a genius rookie who is
the strongest ninja in the academy. Naruto hates Sasuke more than
anyone he's ever met. He is a guy who always acts cool and gets the
attention of everyone and the majority the girls. This includes
Sakura, who is probably the biggest Sasuke fan in the academy. All of
these things, and the fact Sasuke doesn't even need to try to succeed
as an excellent ninja, annoy Naruto. So, Naruto makes a point of
working hard so that Sasuke doesn't continue to steal the limelight
and also wants Sasuke's recognition that Naruto is his equal. Through
the story, the relationship between these three changes a great deal,
but this is how things stand between them at the beginning.

So, with the power of the Nine-Tails at his aid, Naruto has a colossal
amount of chakra that accompanies his seemingly endless stamina
perfectly. On the whole, Naruto is well established for any type of
Ninja skill and out of all the characters, he seems to have the
largest inventory. In this list, there is the Kinjutsu, Kage Bushin no
Jutsu. This is similar to Bushin no Jutsu, but instead of creating the
illusion of multiplication, it actually creates actual clones of
Naruto that can fight and hold things. This is Naruto's favourite
technique! He also has the infamous Sexy no Jutsu. This crazy
technique involves using the Henge no Jutsu to turn into a hot chick
and give the (male) adults a geyser or a nosebleed, knocking them out
instantly. This technique is a little ridiculous, but that's Naruto
for you! Later Naruto ends up learning the Rasengan which is a move
that only the Fourht Hokage had mastered. Naruto also ended up
learning how to summon a giant frog called Gama Bunta which he uses
successfully for the first time against Garaa when he turns into the
raccoon monster that is sealed in his body. After defeating Garaa,
Naruto ends up going to see how Sasuke is and ends up fighting with
him, after which Sasuke leaves and Naruto along with some others go to
find him.

Written By: GeniusChi