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Character Analysis



Orochimaru was one of the legendary Sannin along with
Jiraiya and Tsunade; they were the three esteemed students
of Konoha's Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi. Sarutobi considered
Orochimaru to be a talent found once every few decades, and
hoped that he would someday carry on his ideals as the

But, it was not to be. Arrogant in his gifted abilities,
Orochimaru came to develop a twisted ideology, becoming
insensitive to other's misfortune and almost finding
amusement in death and war and valuing only his own ninjutsu
abilities. Disappointed with how his prized apprentice had
turned out, Sarutobi chose Jiraiya's student instead to
become the Yondaime, and it was speculated that afterwards,
Orochimaru held a persistent grudge. He believed that one
could discover the ultimate truth of the world by  learning
every ninjutsu ever created, and worked in secret to
accomplish this goal. The genius ninja reasoned that the
human lifespan would not be sufficient for his ambitious
plans, and began kidnapping Konoha ninjas to experiment upon
in order to develop a jutsu that would grant immortality.

As genin, chuunin, and even members of the ANBU began
disappearing, the Sandaime tracked down Orochimaru to his
secret laboratory and confronted him. Orochimaru refused to
change his ways, and fled the scene. Despite the knowledge
that allowing him to go would cause further trouble for
Konoha in the future, Sarutobi was unable to kill his
precious student, and let him escape.

Orochimaru traveled to the small country of Rice, whose the
ambitious feudal lord was more than willing to give
Orochimaru support in creating a shinobi village: the Hidden
Sound village. There, Orochimaru began gathering followers
as he perfected his immortality jutsu, a technique that
allows him to transfer his mind into another's body, and
built up his village's power to take revenge on his home
village that had cast him out.

Several years later, Orochimaru has returned to Konohagakure
in secret, seeking out new ninjas to join him for his
revenge. One Uchiha Sasuke has caught his eye in particular.
Will Orochimaru succeed in his revenge? Will Sasuke be lured
by Orochimaru's promise of power?

In his quest to learn every jutsu in the world, Orochimaru
commands many himself. He has several favorites, including
Senei Jyashu (Sublime Snake Hands), Kuchiyose no Jutsu
(Summoning Technique), and Kuchiyose Edo Tensei (Summoning:
Worldly Resurrection.) Senei Jyashu summons four snakes from
the sleeve to launch forth and grab an opponent. Orochimaru
favors the snake, and summons giant serpents with his
Kuchiyose. Kuchiyose Edo Tensei is a dark jutsu that summons
the souls of dead ninjas and places them in false bodies to
fight for the user. With his obsession with learning
ninjutsu, Orochimaru particularly favors Kekkei Genkai
(Bloodline Limits), and uses his immortality jutsu to
possess bodies that have such inherited abilities. When he
returns to Konohagakure, his current body is able to use its
tongue as a prehensile limb, and stretch its neck and body
to move like a snake. For his most trusted subordinates,
Orochimaru uses a curse jutsu that implants a curse seal
upon his follower. Most die in the process, but those that
survive are able to call upon the curse seal to gain a burst
of immense power.

Written By: 8th-Shichinintai