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Character Analysis

Uchiha Sauske


            There are a lot of things he hates, not a lot of things he likes, and to kill a certain guy, that is one of the first things you learn about the survivor.  Uchiha Sauske, the best student in his ninja academy class by far just graduated, but now the bad news.  He has to team up with Naruto, an idiot that doesnít know anything, and Sakura, a horny schoolgirl that hangs all over him.  He is left with one option, to pass the 66% fail rate of the test to become a genin all by him self.  Charging Kakashi with an onslaught of attacks he tryís to single handedly bring down his new sensei, but when he fails, Kakashi gives him some good advice.  ìDonít always trust in just yourself.  You are a part of a team, and you need to start acting like it.î


            After finishing many lower ranking missions and one C rank mission, the group decides to take the chunnin exam.  Sauske now meets Guy, a normal ninja that cant use any ninja techniques, but Guy easily beats Sauske.  Sauske, being a genius, was completely taken back by this, because Sauske should have easily won the match.  The group now enters into the Chunnin exam.


            During the Chunnin exam, Sauske meets the infamous Orochimaru.  Trying to save Naruto and Sakura, Sauske fights Orochimaru.  Orochimaru soon decides that Sauske is ìgood enoughî, and bites him on the neck.  With a curse seal on his neck Sauske will seek Orochimaru for power.  To kill that certain guy.  Being temporarily weakened, Sakura must defend both Naruto and Sauske, but when Sauske hears Sakura getting hurt by the sound team, he jumps to her aid.  But what is that all over his body?  He has awakened the curse seal that gives power to the wielder.  The curse soon takes over his body and fills him with rage.  He easily breaks his opponents arms because he seems to treasure them very much.  This is the first ìterribleî side of Sauske that we see.


            Kakashi soon seals the curse, and we hope we never see that again.  Sauske has one the preliminaries for the 3rd Chunnin exam, so Kakashi supervises his training, and teaches him a new technique that is very powerful.  Entering the arena late, Sauske starts his fight with the infamous Gaara of the sand.  You see in this fight that Sauske has used his training time well for he has copied Guyís movement speed, but it is noted that it takes a lot of stamina to run as fast as Guy.  Injuring Gaara, the sand decides to make their move.  Gaara is taken away from the stadium.  Sauske soon fallows. 


            Finally catching up to Gaara the next battle begins.  After Gaara transforms with his sand, Sauske uses his curse sealÖ. which isnít good.  Which is when Naruto comes in for the rescue.  After fainting and coming back to consciences, Sauske learns that Itachi, his brother, has come back to KonohaÖÖ For Naruto!!!  Using his high speed, Sauske runs after Naruto, which he learns has gone training in a different town.  When he finally finds him at the other town Sauske meets Itachi.  The brother that murdered his family.  And for what?  To test his strength?  This is the guy that he wanted to kill!  Charging Itachi with a chidori, Sauske is easily thrown down.  His pride broken.  ìWhy are you a weakling?  You donít hate me enough.î  Itachi uses his ninja technique to make Sauske have great mental damage.  Only Tsunade can cure this.


            After Tsunade helps Sauske, Sauske goes in a rage and attacks Naruto to prove to himself that he is stronger, since Naruto beat Gaara and not him.  After a long fight, Kakashi stops the fight.  Kakashi now tells Sauske that revenge is not the right course of action to take.  After carefully thinking this over, Sauske makes his decision. 



          Sauske suddenly meets four new foes that appear beside him.  After fighting and thinking he has this easily won, one of the members of the group activates a curse seal, and beats Sauske to a pulp.  The group gives Sauske a choice.  He can follow them and receive the same power they have and get revenge or sit here in this crap town.


            Sakura feeling bad about the Naruto and Sauske fight walks to the town entrance to convince herself that Sauske isnít going to leave the country.  She meets him and has a long conversation about how she loves him and she wants him to take her with him.  He declines.  Sauske goes on his ìseparate pathî and leaves Sakura with unconscious. 


            Sauske now has another choice.  The sound four have told him in order to gain power with the curse seal you must first die first, but they will give him a pill that will stop the side effects.  After some careful thought, he decides to do it.  Little does he know that Konoha has sent out a rescue team to get him backÖ.




THE END?????