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The 3rd Sharingan User- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

The 3rd Sharingan User

In eps. 131 Itachi said to Sasuke that if Sasuke manages to obtain the Magenkyo sharingan, it will be three people who can use it, including Itachi himself.

We all know that sooner or later, Sasuke will obtain the deadly technique, but we still have yet to see who the 3rd user is.

A lot of people speculated that Kakashi’s the one who’s gonna be able to do the deadly technique, because in chapter 257 of the manga, Kakashi was having a conversation with Itachi and that Kakashi told Itachi not to underestimate him because Kakashi’s different from before.

There’s not much spoiler about the third user, and we’re still guessing who the 3rd user is, that Masashi Kishimoto has yet to reveal.

Submitted by tezuka_zone

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