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Sasuke vs. Haku- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

Sasuke vs. Haku

Upon the arrival of Zabuza and Haku, Sasuke trembles out of the fact that he is eager for a rematch against the duo. As Haku goes forward for the match, Sasuke steps up to challenge against haku

Now, it is a battle of speed between the two, as Kakashi and Zabuza watch on. As Sasuke parries Haku's needle with his kunai in one hand, Haku suddenly uses a one-handed jutsu against Sasuke, summoning up water needles from the puddles of water around them. Sasuke quickly concentrates his chakra to his feet jumps high into the air and quickly avoid the needles. Haku jumps backwards dodging Sasuke's throwing shuriken, and then suddenly Sasuke quickly appears behind Haku. The faster one between the two is now Sasuke.

Sasuke lunges in for the attack with an armed kunai in one hand, and Haku quickly parries it. Haku ducks down in time to avoid the kunai that was thrown by Sasuke by his one hand, and gets kicked in the face by Sasuke. By this time, Sasuke is definitely the faster one between the two.

Haku rises up from the ground, and called upon a jutsu which then he summons his unique technique: his ice mirrors. Forming an irregular dome around Sasuke, the ice mirrors are held up by Haku's chakra. Haku steps into one of the mirrors, and reflections of Haku appear on all of the mirrors. Quickly jumping between the mirrors faster than what Sasuke can comprehend, Haku strikes at Sasuke in multiple areas on his body with his needles. Sakura runs up to the mirrors and throws a kunai into the area to aid Sasuke, but Haku catches the kunai. From behind him, however, a throwing shuriken comes right at Haku, catching him off guard. It slashes across Haku's hunter nin mask leaving a diagonal mark. From there, Naruto proudly appears from the fog...

Submitted by Jennifer

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