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Naruto's parents- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

Naruto's parents

I have always wondered, who are Naruto’s parents? This is just a guess but then it came to me. What is the fourth Hokage is Naruto's father? Yes it may sound weird but Naruto does look like him. They both have blonde hair and blue eyes. They both have the same hair style (except Naruto’s is shorter). And in the bio of the fourth Hokage, he loses his temper sometimes just like Naruto. And the fourth Hokage died to imprison the nine tail fox…who else to imprison it then in his own child. No other person would allow their child to be the holder of that demon, so he had to probably go with his own child. Then Naruto is trained by the same man that trained the fourth Hokage. It may not sound likely, but who knows…it might be true.

Edit by Bluesummers: David Coy, this is your spoiler, which I edited for grammar and spelling (it was a good spoiler, but hard to understand).

Submitted by Bluesummers

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