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The finding of the bug, Bikouchuu- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

The finding of the bug, Bikouchuu

Well, it all started out in episode 148 when Hinata proposed a mission to help Naruto find Sasuke. Shino, Kiba, and Hinata were in the forest training at that time. Shino said that there is a way to find Sasuke. If they could capture a female Bikouchuu and it lays an egg, they could use Sasuke's scent to track him down. So they proposed this mission to Tsunade, the 5th Hokage. She allowed them to search for it, although there was only a 10% chance of success. Naruto, of course, came along. Hinata trained at night, until on the morning when female Bikouchuus layed their eggs. That morning, she used her Byakugan to locate a female Bikouchuu and succeded. Naruto caught it, and was ecstatic. But, three people from the Kamizuri Clan captured Hinata, and wrote a letter saying that they would exchange her for the bug. Now they are on a desperate battle to get Hinata back without giving up the bug.

Submitted by Megan

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