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Gaara- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:


In the Naruto manga, Chapter 245 began the timeskip of the Naruto series. Fastforwarding two and a half years later, we were introduced again to the characters and the major changes that took place. For example, the ranks of the genins that we all knew increased. Gaara, for one, became the Kazekage of the Sand Village. So no more questions about who becomes Hokage first in the series...because at the young age, Gaara became one. Sakura became Chuunin and also trained under the 5th Hokage, while Neji, Kankurou, and Temari became Jounins. Many others' ranks changed and so as their costumes. On the other hand, Naruto remained a Genin, although this only happened because he went away with Jiraiya to train. This of course results to new techniques in which i cannot wait to see!

Submitted by nierrol

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