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Naruto, Yondaime, Kakashi, Tenten, Lee, Shikamau, Temari- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

Naruto, Yondaime, Kakashi, Tenten, Lee, Shikamau, Temari

Well...to put it short I will just summarize them... 1. In one chapter of the manga and in several as well, some say that that Yondaime INHERITED Naruto. There is also a high possibilty that Naruto is not Yondaime's child. Because, one thing is for sure, why would they say 'inherit' then? 2. Some people support the Neji x Tenten pairing. Because Tenten seems to be always acknowledging Neji. But it doesn't mean she likes him. In episode, I think is episode 138, Tenten, Lee, and Gai were training. Gai was resting, Tenten was sitting about 10 seven feet behin Lee while Lee was training. She was looking at him and blushing, smiling, imagine how Sakura looks when she's looking at Sasuke. So it means, that it's a Lee x Tenten pair in Masashi Kishimoto's mind. (Woo hoo~!) 3. In future manga, I've been hearing news that Kakashi is now called Magenkyou Sharingan Kakashi. He has successfully attained Magenkyou Sharingan. He is getting stronger and stronger someone said. 4. Some people may have been wondering who will Shikamaru end up with, Ino or Temari? Some time in episode 137 after Naruto fought with Sasuke, Temari was with Shikamaru in the hospital waiting while Chouji was getting an operation. Temari was by Shikamaru's side the whole time. Then in episode 138, while Shikamaru was attending to the sand nins departure. Temari and Shikamaru had a certain glint in their eyes. So it is also a possiblity that it's a ShikaTema pair.

Submitted by Gaara's Suna no Tenshi

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