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Naruto vs. Deidara (Two Tailed Naruto) - Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

Naruto vs. Deidara (Two Tailed Naruto)

While fighting Deidara(from Akatsuki), Naruto seems to have unlocked a new level of the Kyuubi's power. In Chapter 276-277 Naruto rescued Gaara from Deidara only to see his lifeless body. Naruto launched an all out assault and destroyed Deidara's clay clone. When Naruto was finished the Kyuubi's chakra leaked out and gave him the figure of a fox like in episode 133. However this time it was different, he had "Two" tails. Kakashi was warned by Jiraiya not to let Naruto get two tails or more. Kakashi sealed the chakra just in time,with a seal from Jiraiya, before Naruto could go off again. The THEORY could be if Naruto gains all nine tails he will no longer know himself and just destroy.

Submitted by Warrior

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