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naruto,gaara and others- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

naruto,gaara and others

naruto is going to be trained by jiraiya and they will move out of konoha...after 2 yrs. naruto will go back in konoha in new clothes..why? because his old clothes wre torn during his training...he was surprised to know that sakura and the others are already chuunins and neji, temari and kankurou are jounins. he was so shocked to know that gaara is already the kazekage... the akatsuki will attack the suna village so the konoha will help them... in the latter part gaara will die but chiyo baa-sama will revive him using her revival technique so he's alive again.. 2 suna shinobi girls are quarreling because they boh like gaara.. they said he was cute, strong and kind..but isn't it true??? neji, tenten, lee and gai will help them also.. even kankurou and temari..gaara was surprised to see many suna shinobis who are all worried about him.. he felt good and happy too that many are thoughtful to him..

Submitted by marjorie

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