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Gaara's Death- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

Gaara's Death

After commiting suicide. or so called, "The Ultimate Form of Art.....with a bang." Deidara caused a major explodison and almost killed everyone. They were saved by Kakashi when he sent the explodison to another demension, but draining all his charka. Naruto found that Garra was already dead, and was very hurt. He blamed Chiyo for all of Gaara's pain. Chiyo felt that she did wrong to but the 'one tailed beast's' spirit into Gaara's body, so she tried to revive Gaara. She found out she didn't have enough charka, and when Naruto found out what Chiyo was doing, he gave her some of his charka. During that time, Chiyo told Naruto to help Gaara and to become a Hokage that was never before. When Naruto heard, "You're the only one that can help and understand Garra," he reached deep into Gaara's heart and told him to wake up. When Gaara woke up, he saw alot of Suna village's shinobi around him. Naruto said, "Look, Gaara, at how many people came to save you!" That was really touching... it made me cry....

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