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Future Sasuke- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

Future Sasuke

3 years after Naruto comes back from training, most of the people have changed. First we see Naruto (of course), he has changed his outfit (still orange, but some black. really similar to his last outfit)(Well we see Jiraiya coming back with Naruto but he didn't change so, I'm not gonna say anything about him). After is Kakashi, but he looks the same (he appeared in the manga, reading his "book." And then, Naruto gave him a gift, another book! It was called, "Icha Icha Tactics (Make out Tactics)" and guess what? Kakshi loved it!!!) Then it's Sakura, she changed her outfit too. She's now wearing a black top and a skirt (Tsunade comes in with Sakura, no change in her). We see Konohamaru next, he didn't change much either, (he greeted Naruto with the "Sexy Jutsu". When Naruto said Konohamaru should NOT use that jutsu anymore, Sakura thought Naruto matured..... but no, Naruto siad he developed a NEW jutsu... and for that Saura gave him a nasty punch. "ouch!" *sigh* his' never gonna learn, is he???) Turns out Naruto inherited Jiraya's perverted-ness (says Tsunade) and Sakura inherited Tsunade's beauty and strength (says Jiraya in his mind...). Kakashi wanted to test their skill after the 3 years, so he gave them the same survival test he gave them so many years before, (when they first became genins) to get the bells from him. This survival test lasted for a long time, and Kakashi had to use his Sharingan. Naruto started to attack before Kakashi even said "start". Then Kakashi used the underground technique and when Sakura found out she punched the ground and made the ground turn up. This scared Kakashi and Naruto really badly and Naruto was thinking that he shouldn't kid around Sakura anymore because then she might actually kill him. The exercise went on until moonfall, and then Naruto and Sakura finally found out Kakashi's weak point. They went to a direct approch and Naruto started telling the truth behind the main character in "Icha Ihca Tactics", Kakashi had to cover his ears with his hands and close his Sharingan (to prevent himself from reading Naruto's lips). And that's how Naruto and Sakura got the bells.

Anyways.... back to the main topic. On Naruto's first mission. He had to save Gaara from the Akatsuki. Which he did... Gaara was wearing different clothes, when he first came up, he looked kinda similar to before. The second time (when he got revived), he wore more simple, dark clothing. His sister, Temari is wearing more simple and dark clothing as well. Their brother.. I'm not quite sure, didn't really notice any changes. They also bumped into Shikamaru (and he didn't change). During that mission, he incounters "Team Gai". Gai and Tenten look the same. Lee's the same except for the chuunin vest, but Neji changed his outfirt completly. He wears a kinda baggy shirt (long-sleeved). I think he wears his hair loose now, I'm not quite sure.

When Naruto was going to start his 2nd mission, he sees a stranger underneath a tree. It turns out to be Shino, who was disappointed because Naruto didn't recognize him. Naruto accuses Shino for covering so much of his face, which he did, even more than before. Shino wears a something like what he wore before except black, and he wears a jacket over that and the hood of the jacket covers his hair. His shades a a bit narrower then the other ones. Naruto sees Kiba and Akamaru. He recognized them immediately (which irritated Shino). Kiba doesn't look too much different it's just Akamaru has grown HUGE!! Before, Akamaru could sit on Kiba's head. Now, Kiba can ride Akamaru and have his feet off the ground!! Then Naruto saw Hinta, she is now wearing a different shirt (still hooded with zipper, looks kind of like Neji's shirt, but Neji's doesn't have hood or zipper...) and she had her hair grow longer. When Naruto was talking to her, she got all shy and she blushed really badly....then she fainted.......... (like old times... haha!)

Oh yeah! Did I say that Naruto, the used-to-be-migit got taller? He's taller that Sakura now.

Note from Apple: clothing colours may be wrong, because I was looking at the manga and haha... the manga is black and white.... so i can only guess. I wonder what Ino and Chouji would look like... hmmm... and Sasuke, I miss him so bad... If you have any complaints or comments, send me an email: hello_hi_12_24@hotmail.com

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