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The fake death- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

The fake death

While in the battle with Haku,Sasuke's former rival,he targets Naruto,Sasuke's friend,or known as his close teammate,Naruto was unconscience at the time....so Haku found him as a perfect target.While in the moment of striking Naruto,Sasuke ran to protect his teammate with no signs of hesitation.Later Naruto wakes up to see Sasuke standing over him...not knowing what was wrong with Sasuke,Naruto laughes to a sign of releif to see Haku on the ground,But Sasuke throws up blood showing Naruto that he was not alright,needles althroughout his body,Naruto started frowning as Sasuke started talking about how he used to hate Naruto so much....but he stoped him self and said,Naruto i'm sorry for leaving you so soon, and falls into Naruto's arms and both the boys start crying as Sasuke closes his eye's Naruto begs him to wake up,Sasuke did not answer,Naruto was mad.After the battle of Haku and Naruto you will find out that Sasuke was not dead but was rather in the same situation Zabuza was,Haku's master.He was in a deep sleep for a long time,unconscience.

Submitted by Haku Luesse Uchiha

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