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akatsuki- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:


In the manga and anime series Naruto, the Akatsuki is a criminal organization, first introduced midway into the first arc, and gaining greater significance in the storyline in the second arc. All that is known thus far is that the Akatsuki consists of nine S-class wanted criminals, and that they show great interest in the powers of the Bijuu (Tailed Beasts). Admission criteria to the group is unknown, but Kage-level fighting ability seems to be a prerequisite. Other requisites are currently unknown, but joining seems to involve the rings worn by Akatsuki members. Each member has a partner with the exception of Zetsu. Miscellaneous Information - Akatsuki means "Dawn" in Japanese. - Each Akatsuki member wears a ring, inscribed with the first kanji related to the nine mythical beasts in Japanese mythology, including the four Kyoto guardian gods (shijin). They are: Seiryū - Green/blue Dragon Byakko - White Tiger Suzaku - Phoenix (literally "Red Sparrow") Genbu - Tortoise (literally "Mysterious Warrior") Kūchin - The Void Nanjū - Southern Star Hokuto - Northern Star Santai - The Three Levels Gyokunyō - The Virgin - There has been a brief mention in the manga about how each Akatsuki member seems to have been assigned one, and only one, bijuu to hunt down and capture, and indeed there is (or was) one Akatsuki member for each bijuu.

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