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Naruto's new 3 man team- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

Naruto's new 3 man team

After Kakashi uses his Makengyo Sharingan he becomes incapasitated. Therefore, in order to carry out missions Naruto and Sakura are assigned a new team mate as well as a new team leader (for the time being). The new team leader is an ANBU who is so skilled that he can use the first Hokage's signature justu (birth of trees). The new team mate is a boy named Sai who is Naruto's age. He's in a program called "roots". It's a program that basically trains kids to become ANBU. They are trainned not to feel, or think, but to carry out the mission. From what I have read, Sai is an extremely skilled ninja who uses a very different kind of ninja technique. He paints something in black ink onto a scroll, does a hand seal and the painting comes to life. He constantly angers Naruto by making remarks about Sasuke, Naruto's "weak power" and by insulting the size of Naruto's manhood (don't ask why. I'm stumped myself)

Submitted by steve

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