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Why Orochimaru likes Kabuto- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

Why Orochimaru likes Kabuto

JUST in case you were wondering, Orochimaru takes a special interest in Kabuto for one particular reason. He could give a rats ass whether Kabuto can fight, or do medical jutsu, or anything else of that matter. The reason why Orochimaru likes Kabuto so much is because of his ability to regenerate. As you all know, Orochimaru was booted out of Konoha for performing experiments on people in order to develope forbidden jutsu. Kabuto is able to recover from just about any injury no matter how serious it is. Orochimaru needs hundreds of people in order to do his experiements. Therefor, Kabuto makes a perfect test subject for him.

Submitted by steve

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