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sasuke&orichimaru- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:


okai, like evry naruto fan knows that orichimaru is a user right? okai if you didnt you do now. orichimaru has this power of manipulating people to do his bidding, and to get what he wants. For example, let use sasuke's situation Sasuke is the last remaining Uchida person, becuase his brother Itachi killed everyone, to "prove that he was alive" or something like that, and he left sasuke alive so he will be the one person one day to kill him, because he has no hope in sasuke. Well, in about episode 107 sasuke notices (finally) that naruto is getting stronger, and he challenges naruto, etc. and the fight is stopped by kakashi, right before sasuke was guna use chidori, and naruto was about to use rasengan. So anyways, like in the next episode or something after kakashi gives sasuke some talk, and then sasuke is then approched by "the sound five" who are sent by orichimaru. well you see (remember the mark that orichimaru gave sasuke?) these people are (or things) are giving him this talk about how he can increase his power, and make the mark go to stage 2, a stronger form, and he can be super powerful if he joins richimaru's crew. yeahs it looks happy right? well behind the scenes, prichimaru wants to take over sasuke's body and like live forever doing this(body switching etc.). and whenever he takes a person's body, basically he get's their age, skills power etc. And when sasuke's body gets old he can switch to a new one and live forever this way (ahaha sound like a person does want to grow up. coughcough)and FYI:he can only use this technique every 3 years. So orichimaru, is basically getting sasuke to be uber power full, so when he takes over his bod, he will get his power, and his sharingan. the thing ist hat sasuke doesnt know this is going on. That orichimaru is using him, because he is thinking that by joining the sound crew ppl, and listining to orichimaru's order and etc to gain power, is for himself. because is an avenger, a person always trying to gain power. and his life goals are to kill itachi and beat naruto. so sasuke is very dense, and doesnt notice that orichimaru is using him. sad eh?

Submitted by rpgfrrreak_girl

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