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3 year skip looks and events- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

3 year skip looks and events

after the three year skip, i think it was written somewhere else but didn't include everyone. naruto looks the same with a new outfit(black and orange) and a longer headband, he's also tall now. Sakura wears boots, a mini skirt with something else under them and a black top. Shikamaru looks exactly the same except he wears more of a teacher uniform since he's a teacher and examiner, no facial changes. temari wears one black kimono and her headband on her forehead now instead of her neck. kankuro also wears a black uniform and has a different face paint design. Gaara is the KazeKage now and wears a uniform similar to his previous one in ep 125-127. Shino wears a black uniform with a hooded jacket over that and has new sunglasses which overally covers almost his entire body. kiba and akamaru, kiba ditched the eskimo jacket and Akamaru is freaking huge enough for kiba to ride on top of him instead of the other way around. hinata has her hair grown out long and still wears the zipper jacket with knee high pants and what i believe to be boots or heels. Chouji looks exactly like his dad except with the different face markings and hair colour. ino has her hair grown out even longer than at the beginning of the series. she also wears a black top with a mini skirt and something else under that just like sakura Lee looks the same except with a chuunin vest on now tenten wears a longer sleeve shirt but looks pretty much the same neji has his hair loose instead of tied, wears a long sleeve as well and gotten rid of the things that looked like bangs of his hair but were actually straps of some sort Naruto and Sakura redo the bell training against kakashi and win Naruto, Sakura, kakashi head out to the hidden vilalge of sand where gaara was taken by the akatsuki for the "one tail" beast shukaku lee, tenten, neji and gai back them up on the mission Sakura and puppet master chiyo kill of one member of the akatsuki on a recon mission to see if they can get sasuke back, team kakashi has been replaced with two new members, one, an elite anbu leader named "yamato" who has the abilities of the first hokage. and "sai" an artist ninja who can draw anything and use his chakra to make them alive. that's all for now...these things happened in the manga and most of it should appear in the anime when it catchs up with the manga.

Submitted by Naruto685

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