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The Third Hokage's Death, and Itachi's return.- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

The Third Hokage's Death, and Itachi's return.

In episodes 79-80, the Hokage is killed by Orochimaru, and his funeral takes place. Itachi is partly shown at the end of episode 80, and is in episode 81. He comes for a few more episodes, but he leaves for a long while after that. But, his Sharingan eyes just about immeditly give him away when you see his eyes. Especially after the time in the teen episodes when Sasuke says he wants to kill his older brother. Naruto at first does not know about Orochimaru killing the Third Hokage until the Three Sannins fight in a battle, two against one. Tsunade and Jiraiya, VS. Orochimaru. Orochimaru is hurt badly by Tsuande. She actually does the most, more than Jiraiya. That's when Naruto finds out two things: Orochimaru killed the Third Hokage, and Kabuto being a Sound Ninja Spy, mostly for Orochimaru.

Submitted by Liana Uchiha

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