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Sasuke Speaks with the Kyubi- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

Sasuke Speaks with the Kyubi

As both Sai and Yamato move to try and protect Naruto, Sasuke shows them a new product of his training: Chidori Nagashi ( One Thousand Bird Current), allowing him to project a Chidori-like effect from all over his body, both defensively and offensively. As Naruto and Sai lie stunned on the ground due to this jutsu, while Sasuke deals with Sakura and Yamato. Sakura realises the nature of this jutsu, but still attempts to attack Sasuke with her monstrous strength, but is blocked by Yamato, who ended up impaled by the Kusanagi Sasuke was wielding. Sasuke then proceeds to flow the chidori down the sword, effectively paralysing the ANBU. Sasuke looks down to see Naruto dragging himself over to him and Yamato. Naruto has partially transformed into the Kyuubi, with his eyes turning red and slit-like, his whisker-marks deepening and his fingernails turning into claws. Meanwhile, in Naruto's mind, comes face to face with his demon fox Kybi, who implores him to use his Kybi power. When Naruto refuses, the demon scoffs, saying Naruto has always come to him in times of need and that Naruto is worthless without his power. Suddenly, Sasuke somehow also appears in front of the Kybi, and marvels at finally finding the source of Naruto's power. The chapter ends with him saying, "Who would have guessed that this monster was inside you?". Sasuke can clearly see the Kybi inside Naruto and appears to be able to seal its power from within Naruto. As Sasuke represses the Kybi's chakra, the fox leaves him with a strange message: "Don't kill Naruto, you would regret it." Outside of Naruto's mind, Sasuke looks down on Team 7. Naruto yells out to Sasuke that Orochimaru is just using Sasuke for his body, to which Sasuke tells Naruto that if it helps to kill Itachi then he doesn't care.Orochimaru returns just in time to stop Sasuke from performing a "certain jutsu" (we are left wondering what it is). Kabuto also tells Sasuke that letting the Konoha shinobi manage the other Akatsuki would make his revenge easier by 1%. Sasuke tells Kabuto that's a poor excuse to not kill Naruto. Sasuke then leaves with Orochimaru and Kabuto, leaving Naruto and his teammates alone. Naruto feels completely helpless and upset from the shallow encounter.

Submitted by Wise Frog Hermit

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