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naruto's new training- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

naruto's new training

Kakashi is teaching Naruto a new training method that involves his (shadow clone jutsu). Naruto will be making a technique that is unique to him,which will allow him to surpass Kakashi himself. The (shadow clones) will be used to speed up the progress. You see scince there not illusions Naruto remembers every thing they experience therefore if Naruto made a thousand clones he could he create something in a week that would normally take years. Part:1 of Naruto training is shaping his chakra which he already learned in his (Rasagen) training and part:2 of this training involves altering the nature of his chakra, the training used for the (chidori). Before they start the training they use special cards that tell you what element your chakra is a natrual for, obviously it was wind. So we can expect to see a new powerful technique involving wind.

Submitted by justin

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