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Sanori- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:


Sanori, the puppet maker, who also made himself into a puppet, and reveals it when fighting with Sakura and the old lady, he said that he does not have feelings and he can kill his grandma without feeling guilty. But at the end he died. Although he never reveals that he's still a "nice" guy, like at the end, the old lady said that he could've killed her, but he didn't, when he's trying to attack the old lady, if he just moved forward a little, he can kill her, but he didn't...Also he doesn't have to tell Sakura about Orochimaru, but he did at the end when he's about to die...And I think during the battle, Sakura vs. Sanori, I think there's a lot of chances where Sanori can kill Sakura, but he didn't, so maybe he's still a nice guy, even though he doesn't want to admit.

Submitted by Yuuki

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