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Yugito- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:


Yugito, a female demon host, is being chased by newly introduced Akatsuki members named Hidan and Kakazu. They corner her in a stadium. Yugito figures out they're from Akatsuki. Hidan figures she can't be that tough, though Kakazu warns him not to underestimate her. Hidan states he wants her to kill him if she can. They then turn thier attention to Yugito and prepare to fight her. Hidan pauses saying he wants to pray before fighting her, Kakauzu fuses about this and he and Hidan agrue for bit. Then Yugito, states that she just let herself get cornered so she could destory them She then uses exploading tags to blow up every exit, traping the two. Hdan and Kakuzu take it lightly saying things are easier this way. Yuito swears she will kill them which annoys Hidan. Hidan speaks about his religian, saying that it dosen't allow him to leave an opponent alive, but since they need to capture her it breaks his belifs. He then askes her if they can negotiate. she askes what, and he askes if she can just hold still and let them capture her. She is angered by this and transforms into her demon, a two tailed demon cat. Hidan and Kakazu marvel at her abilty to transform fully. She attacks nearly crushing Kakazu and then goes for hidan. She blows fire at Hidan nearly killing him to but he just barley manages to escape. Unfortuntely, they defeat her, and she is seen hanging unconscious from a wall with a kuni threw her hands. Hidan and Kakazu agrue about some stuff, then Zetzu, another Akatsuki member shows up and takes charge of her while they go to coninue thier mission.

Submitted by grace clark

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