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Naruto's new attack- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

Naruto's new attack

Well I'm not sure if too many of you guys are up to date on the Japanese manga but to let you know that in recent chapters, Naruto( the New Naruto of course) has jus completed a new Jutsu. This jutsu is just an altercation of the Rasengan(translated:Spiraling Ball). Well anyway in the manga after Naruto met Sasuke again and got pwned, Kakashi stated that in order to become a jounin, one must know two different elemental chakra. So then a few panels later Kakashi tested Naruto to see which type of element that he can learn as of now. The test proved that Naruto manipulate Wind Chakra.Kakashi also stated that if Naruto were to complete a elemental rasengan, then Naruto in the future would surpass the 4th Hakage(Yondaime)easy. Well a few chapters pass and next thing we know we see Naruto using a new Rasengan which he named Fuuton Rasengan or(Wind element Spiraling Ball) also another note in Naruto,Wind beats Lighting and if Naruto and Sasuke were to fight again then Sasuke would have no more Chidori based attacks(and this is how he pwned Naruto in their last encounter)

Submitted by Linkz1002

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