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Rock Lee!- Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoiler:

Rock Lee!

Okay let's talk about Lee... Rock Lee is part of Maito Gai's team consisting of Neji Hyuuga and Tenten. Lee has black hair, cut in soup bowl hair, very bushy eye brows, bug eyes, and idolizes Gai. He, like Gai, wears a green spandex suit, ninja shoes, and orange leg warmers that hide super heavy leg weights. To see how heavy these are, watch the match between him and Gaara, then you get the idea. He absolutely loves Haruno Sakura, and always challenges the genius Neji. Lee has no Genjutsu or Ninjutsu at all. He has to rely on his Taijutsu to get him by, but that's all he needs because he is a Taijutsu Specialist. Lee's two very powerful jutsus are the Primary Lotus and the Hidden Lotus. To use to Primary Lotus, one has to open just one gate. The enemy is kicked upward and is in the air, then Lee unravles his bandages and wraps them around his opponent. Then flips them upside down and spins them into the ground. It puts a lot of pressure onto the body, so Lee is worn out when he is done. The Hidden Lotus is a different story. To use this one, you have to open three gates; Lee opens five. The enemy is kicked into the air, them with Lee's super speed, bounces them around in the air a little bit then hits them down but then pulles them back up and slamming them into the ground with his left hand and foot, usually killing the person. Lee is very worn out and can barely satnd up, as his muscles are tearing themselves apart. His bones are broken, and takes a long time to heal. He has only used this jutsu on one person; Gaara. Lee's ninja way is to make people see that you don't have to have Gen or Ninjutsu to be great; that hard work and determination can pull you through. That is why Lee is my favorite character, he never gives up.

Submitted by Mel-Chan

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