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Character Analysis

Princess Tsunade


"The Sucker"
The 5th Hokage also known as Godaime is a member of the legendary Sennin a group of three Ninjas who come from Konoha village and were made famous by their strength and abilities with Jutsuís.

Tsunadeís power in this group stems for her love and abilities with medicine, and her ability to intensely focus her charka to use it as a healing agent. This requires intense control of a limited amount of small amount of charka. This ability to use it this way is also another source of power for Tsunade because she uses it to give her-self amazing strength, able to bust rocks with a single blow and even create craters in the ground. Among some of her fighting abilities are, Electricity charka, a massive release of charka changed into electricity and sent into the opponentís nervous system. This leaves all the bodyís signals confused and the enemy unable to move. Tsunadeís ultimate technique which she developed later is The seal release, where charka is gathered in the seal on her forehead and when released stimulates the production of various enzymes that accelerate cell production throughout the body, enabling her to heal her body from major wounds and massive blood loss, But a major side effect is that she can only use this a limited number of times and each time it shortens her life span. The one technique each Sennin had in common was the Kuchiyose No Jutsu, the ability to summon a creature dependant on the strength of the contract and the users needs. This contract is signed in blood upon each summoning which can be used on a scroll or a tattoo. Tsunadeís creature is a slug named Katsuya.

Tsunade like many of the characters from Naruto had a painful past, which greatly shaped who she is now. She was the granddaughter of the first Hokage, and growing up in Konoha had a little brother who she loved a lot. But when he died at a young age in battle she was traumatized but used this as a reason to make herself an even greater healer, enforcing rules that say each four man ninja team would have a medic when on missions greatly improving the life expectancy of the injured and creating odorless and tasteless poisons and counter poisons to be used against her enemies. But later with the death of the man she loved Dan, she was unable to cope with the loss of life any longer and developed a severe aversion to any blood. Until she meets Naruto who inspires her again, and reminds her that of all the people she ever loved in her life all they wanted to do was protect the hidden leaf village and its people.

Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown
Age: 50 (but looks 30)
Sensei: Sarutobi
Student: Shizune and Sakura

Written by: krickitat