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Hidden village of the leaf
The name for the Konoha village comes from the first master who used a leaf on his forehead as a way to concentrate his mind and chakra, The village of hidden leaf is surrounded by farming country and forest and is located in the country of fire. The village of Konoha has made the country of fire one of the strategically strongest due to its large shinobi village. Even other Country's like the country of the wind prefer to use the Konoha shinobi. The current leader of Konoha is the fifth Hokage Tsunade, meaning she is the fifth leader to rule Konoha since it beginning. Although some villages have shinobi who concentrate their Jutsu's according to the land they live in, but because Konoha is so well centered that the Shinobi are able to incorporate a wide variety of Jutsu's for their use.

A great wall on three sides, which anyone has to pass through or over to get inside, surrounds the village itself. The third side is a large cliff face, which has the heads of each Hokage, marked into the side. Inside the heads are secret hideaways for the villagers and shinobi children in case of any attack made by opposing forces with tunnels leading deep into the cliff face.

One of the boundaries of Konoha is marked by "the end of the world" a large waterfall marked with two statues of the first and second Hokage and a river that is said to go on forever. It was said that this landmark was made by two Nin having an enormous battle. This was also where Naruto and Sauske had their own confrontation. Some of Konoha's famous Nin are: All the Hokages, Hatake Kakashi "the copy ninja", and Uchiha Itachi an S-class criminal known for his skills and later for murdering his whole clan, and Jirabaiya one of the Sennin, known for his abilities with Genjutsu and writing very naughty books.

Hidden village of the Sand

Hidden village of the sand is a shinobi village located in the wind country, a rocky desert area sunk into a valley and surrounded by cliffs and is lead by the head shinobi named the Kazekage. The first passage to travel into the valley is in a cleft between two cliff faces, and this on top of the need to ship in all food and water makes this area very hard to attack for any period of time. The buildings are all made from mostly clay or stucco to help keep them cool and to withstand raging sand storms which are common in the area.

Though the Hidden sand village is one of the top five shinobi villages they have suffered a major decrease in power due to their feudal lord, who has cut back on budgeting and given much of the local work to hidden leaf shinobi. This has caused many to believe that the feudal lord is trying to do away with the hidden village of the sand, so even though they were allies Sand decided to make a move against Konoha at the chuunin exam, but when they were defeated they were forced to admit their involvement and beg forgiveness after learning of the death of their Kazekage by Orochimaru, the leader of the hidden village of sound and an enemy to Konoha village. Due to the lack of water most of the shinobi of the sand use earth and wind Jutsu's for their attacks all though they are not limited to this alone. Some shinobi who excel in earth and wind Justus are Gaara who is bound to a sand incarnation and the new kazekage, and Temari who uses her fan to make high-pressure waves of air to cut down her opponent.

Hidden village of Sound

The hidden village of sound is the newest Shinobi village so far. Unknown to the other Shinobi leaders, It was Orochimaru who created the Sound village as a way for him to build up an army in order to attack his former village Konoha. Unlike many of the other villages, which claim to be secret but have grown far to large to be called that, the location of hidden sound is largely unknown to the people that surrounded. Buried deep into the earth Sound is large maze of catacombs going deeper and deeper into the Earth. The only known entrance is a small house with steps leading deep into the earth, surrounded by towering trees deep in the forest. This gives the village of sound the illusion of being much smaller than it is when in actuality it is quite large.

Located in the country of sound, the surrounding area is mostly cultivated land and forest. When the shinobi village was allowed into the country it was believed that it would help bring prosperity to the surrounding country, which was a mainly poor area. This was not the effect as The leader Orochimaru was more interested in building an army then in supporting the country. By the time this was learned they had become far too powerful, and Orochimaru had broken up any of the clans who might have fought against him, forcing members to join his ranks or face the destruction of the whole clan. While many of the Shinobi of sound come from many different countries many of them have the same jutsu types, using sound as their weapon. This can vary between using shock waves or in controlling puppets using a flute. Some shinobi that come from the sound village are: Kabuto, Kimimaru and Tayuya.

Hidden Village of Mist
Although much of the village of Mist is unknown there are a few facts. One of the five strongest shinobi villages it is commonly referred to as the village of the "bloody" mist for its extreme brutality. Until a few years ago the main competition for becoming a Genin ninja and graduating from the ninja academy, students who had known each other there whole lives were paired off and fight to the death. Until ten years ago one student killed over 100 of his friends without question or feeling, this caused a major change in the system doing away with much of the brutality of the tests. There is little to tell about the landscape except that it is a hilly area with abundant meadowland.

Centered in the Water country, hidden mist is an island in an archipelago and due to that uses mainly water Jutsu. Some of these Jutsu types include, kirigakure no Jutsu (hidden Mist Technique) where the user calls up a thick shrouding mist making for poor visibility and enables the killer to kill without being noticed, and suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu "Great waterfall technique" the user uses great amounts of water formed into a cyclone then explodes it into the enemy like a great tsunami. This has the force to rip up trees and surrounding landscape not to mention either killing with the force of the blow or drowning the victim. Some of the Nin to originate from the hidden mist village are, momichi Zabuza an S-class criminal later killed, and Haku an orphan with a strong bloodline limit

Hidden waterfall village

Unlike many of the hidden villages the hidden waterfall really is hidden, and the entrance is known to very few. Located on top of a remote cliff one of the few entrances to this village is through a waterfall and some underwater tunnels making this a village that is very well defended. The village itself lies beneath the branches of the great oak on the edge of the lake that surrounds the tree. The main source of power and protection for the village is the large tree that every hundred years produces an elixir called the "hero water", this supposedly gives the user a large chakra boost too be used whenever the village is in danger but also has the added side effect that it eats away at the users life force and will often kill older shinobi who try to use it. This is the reason for the name of the elixir due to the fact that it makes heroes but more often then not kills them, the reason in the end that they do not have very many strong shinobi is due to the fact that many of them do not live long enough to become great. Due to its relative size and its remote location, this village does not even have a Kage but a leader called "The Hero of the hidden falls" a position that can be tricky at best and handles only the most basic tasks and does not qualify as one of the greater shinobi often relying from help by their allies Konoha village. This makes them very concerned about keeping their village hidden even from their allies. Written by: KRICKITAT
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